Bri Ianniello

Oscar 2010

Cathegory: Best Student

Peers' Choice

San Diego

The Open University 2010-2012

Bachelor of Arts (Open)

Computer Science, Creative Writing, Film

A Dangerous Castle

Mystery Thriller

Emma Sternstaed (42) starts a new life in the run-down French Chateau Bellefort which turns out to be life-threatening choice.

University of Cologne 2013 - 2016

Master of Arts
Media and Computer Sciences
Awarded with Distinction


Screenplay Writing 2010 - Now

Dave Trottier

Green Heat   

Action and Adventure   

Brenda (34), the director of a reality show TV team has to live up to the producer's expectations when filming in the wild jungle of India.

Boston, Rome, Love

Romance / Thriller

Brad Guthrie (34) from Boston, a spoiled womanizer finds his one true love in Rome (Italy), but this old flame Linda stalks and threatens him.

UCLA Extension

Certificate in Feature Film Writing 2018

Awarded with Distinction


5150 Workshop AFW 2018 - Now

Max Adams